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Meet Kellie Robinson Fine Art

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I live in the Sperrin mountains in Northern Ireland.

Originally I come from the Wirral, but I moved over to Mid Ulster in Northern Ireland a few years ago. I have painted and created art for years, back to the days of art college, although only moving to full time  since living in NI. 
I have captured the journey of becoming an artist here in a You Tube channel that I started last year called The Blow In Artist. I have been referred to as a Blow In because I'm from Wirral and so I took the term and embraced it into the name of my channel.
It follows me and the dogs around to beautiful places, some that are new to me as much as the viewer and captures each part of the the art process from packing the kit to sketching, to the main piece right to the end. Hopefully quietly entertaining with a few tips thrown in here and there.

When I've finished sketching outside I work in a small studio from home with many sheep for neighbours, two dogs and one partner. I take inspiration from the sketches I've done rather than photographs of the landscape I live in and the climate.  I do like the emotional states that the weather puts us in and I try to capture how each season can influence our moods.

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